Welp… Lets Try This Again.

Looks like I couldn’t keep up with what I thought I could. But now I’m back on it. 7 months later, and quite a bit has changed. The job is getting more intense, but so is my drive to keep going through with my goals and plans. The Drive is REAL!

So, in the last 7 months, I’ve been more focusing on my family and getting stuff taken care of around the house. My relationships with the kids have strengthened by massive leaps… my standing at work has skyrocketed towards the position I’ve been aiming for. Though this sounds good, I have made very little ground towards what I’ve been wanting to do, and what I originally set out to do. I’ve done some research on how to help myself and others on a lot of topics, and I plan on reaching out to assist in said areas. But I’m also going to work on my own personal things as well.

Still not quite sure if this blogging thing is for me, but I’m hoping that if I can overcome this hurdle, it may help me keep tabs on myself and hold myself accountable. Worse case, keep refreshing my mind of the goals I”m reaching for and realigning my focus when I need it.

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Hopefully through my tracking, I can inspire others to chase their goals; surpass some of the little hurdles to reach the end goal. I have MANY topics I plan on writing about, so maybe within the span of writing, something may be helpful to someone. Never know if you don’t try!